A long time ago, my first wife and I went away for a weekend to some seaside New England town. It was somewhere on the coast of Maine – Wells or Ogunquit, maybe. I remember sitting in traffic and noticing a pick-up truck full of drunk, rowdy guys right behind me. In those days I suffered off and on from anxiety. That weekend, it was on.

I found myself checking the rearview mirror almost constantly. Are they following me? Just how drunk are they? Are they staring at me? Laughing at me? The truck turned off at a stoplight eventually. The memory, however, stuck with me.

Like many of my story ideas, I took that snapshot in time and wondered “what if?” What if the truck didn’t turn off? What if they were following me? I started what I thought would be a short story, but stalled. There were already books and movies devoted to the subject.Straw Dogs, Strangers, Wrong Turn, even the old classic Duel.

When the rest of the story hit me, I felt like I had something special. It grew from a short story into a novel and into something completely different from the titles I mentioned above. Born from the seeds of paranoia, this novella is a dark departure from either Haven or Eternal Darkness. Official announcement coming soon for a September release…