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Monsters: We're All a Little Different


Back Cover Text:

Monsters and monster-killers come in all shapes and sizes in this collection of three horror novellas by Glenn Rolfe, Tom Deady, and Nick Kolakowski.

IT CAME FROM THE LAKE by Glenn Rolfe: Owens Lake is protected by a reclusive war vet by the name of Francis Owens, but this man is not the only threat around.
When Leilani runs away from the nicest foster home she’s ever known, she winds up two hours north in a town called Belgrade. It isn’t scary—boring, maybe—but the town appears peaceful and slow.
Quincy appreciates that serene quiet, and has his own hideaway from life in one of the empty cabins surrounding Owens Lake. He knows about Francis, but facing a crazy vet is nothing compared to his old man.
These two teens’ paths cross when they discover there’s something else to this particular body of water…
It Came from the Lake is the latest horror from the imagination of Glenn Rolfe, author of August’s Eyes and Blood and Rain.


IN THE GLASTENBURY WOODS by Tom Deady: It was supposed to be the road trip to end all road trips. The summer of 1986, a few weeks before Dave and his two friends went their separate ways to college and the military. One last hurrah to Toronto to see Hulk Hogan and the rest of the WWF in The Big Event. It all goes wrong when they take a detour through Vermont’s notorious Glastenbury Woods. There’s something in the forest, and it’s out for blood. But Dave has another reason for the trip, and he doesn’t plan on letting anyone, or anything, get in his way.


GROUNDHOG SLAY by Nick Kolakowski: It’s the summer of 1987. Around Lake Legionnaire, locals whisper tales of an unstoppable monster rampaging through the night, killing everyone in its way. But what if the monster’s just trying to stop something far worse—a threat that could destroy all existence? “Groundhog Slay” shows that not all heroes wear capes: sometimes they wear creepy masks, and they’re a little bit too skilled with a chainsaw…

This book is perfect for fans of monsters, slasher movies, classic horror, mystery and suspense fiction, small town horror, and thrillers.

Crystal Lake’s Dark Tide series will continue soon with more tales of Mystery Thrillers and Horror Books, including themes of Weird Western, Sherlock Holmes, Grief Horror, Body Horror, Mystery fiction, Travel Horror, Deadly Duos, and Psychological Thriller books.

Proudly represented by Crystal Lake Publishing—Tales from the Darkest Depths.

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