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Tick – tock
Tick – tock
Tick – tock


Your time is running out. When the clock strikes 13, all manners of hell will break loose.


When the Clock Strikes 13 is a collection of thirteen short horror stories by some of the best horror and dark fiction authors writing today. Inside, you will find stories to frighten, shock and gnaw at your inner fears, and take you places that belong only in the dark recesses of your mind. There are monsters on these pages; some are human, some are not.

Table of Contents

Introduction by Joe Mynhardt
“The Boy in the Pond” by Mark Allan Gunnells
“Open Waters” by Richard Thomas
“Memories” by John R. Little
“Detrition of War” by Kenneth W. Cain
“Comes the Red Man” by Tom Deady
“Mommy’s Girl” by Somer Canon
“Taking Up Carpentry” by Justin M. Woodward
“Kill Point Club” by Steve Thompson
“Calm Down Time” by Richard Chizmar
“Carrion: My Wayward Son” by James Newman
“Bear” by Michelle Garza and Melissa Lason
“When Arachnids Attack” by Sheri White
“A Song Above” by Glenn Rolfe
Afterword by Steve Thompson




"A creepy, eerie, and often emotionally resonant collection by some of the finest voices in horror."
-- Jeff Strand, author of Dweller.

“From the seemingly benign domestic to the war-ravaged deserts of the Middle East and all theaters in between, When the Clock Strikes 13 offers up dark terrors as wolves in sheep’s clothing—tales that sneak up on you and sink tooth and claw before you can scream.”
--Dino Parenti, author of Dead Reckoning and Other Stories

"An anthology that harkens back to the golden age of horror...not that golden age, I'm talking about the one where every cover had a hologram skeleton or malefic child or baby doll on it. It's brimming with horrors--traditional and not-so-much-- penned by a posse of authors, some new and others well-seasoned who don't fail to deliver the goods in spades crusted with graveyard dirt gripped in blood-stained hands. "
--John Boden, author of Jedi Summer with the Magnetic Kid

"With stories that will make you feel and think—thick with atmosphere and originality and at times sprinkled with delightfully sinister wit—When the Clock Strikes 13 is a fantastic first anthology from In Your Face Books that pulls together some of the finest authors in the genre today!"
--Jason Parent, author of They Feed and Victoria

“A devil’s dozen of terror tales for horror hounds to sink their fangs into. Original fiction from established names, and talented up-and-comers, with standout stories by Tom Deady, Justin Woodward, and James Newman worth the cover price alone, When the Clock Strikes 13 is a must for any fear fan’s chopping list!” 
--Adam Howe, author of Scapegoat and Die Dog or Eat the Hatchet

Signed Edition - When The Clock Strikes 13 Anthology Signed by Tom Deady

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