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On a rainy summer night in 2009, eleven-year-old Danny Beecher’s life changed forever. An intruder killed Danny’s family, along with his best friend, Brian. Danny survived, but at a cost.

Ten years later, Danny is released from The Lodge, a long-term mental health care facility. Against the wishes of his doctor, Danny returns to Millfield, MA. The town hasn’t changed much, but there’s something strange going on in Danny’s childhood home.

Donald Jacobs, former journalist turned true crime blogger, never believed the man convicted of the Beecher murders was guilty. When Jacobs hears of Danny’s return, he renews his commitment to find the real killer.

But there’s more to the Beecher murders than anyone could have guessed. Not all the victims are resting quietly. Is Danny's mental health failing as his doctor warned? Or is someone reaching from beyond the grave to avenge the murders before the killer can strike again?

Those Left Behind

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