Family Game Night - Plague Edition

How is the whole "social distancing" working out for everybody? I think we're dealing pretty well at the Deady Estates. That said, it was time to take a break from binge-watching and jigsaw puzzles. So, we decided on family game night!

No, no, no, we didn't all violate the six-foot rule and touch cards or game pieces while congregating in the living room. We did a virtual game night.

Using Goggle Hangouts for video and sound, combined with the Jackbox.TV party games, it was a huge success. The games are played through a PS4, X-Box, or AppleTV, and each player uses their mobile device to access a private "Room Code" through their browser. Then, hilarity ensues.

We are partial to a game called Quiplash, but also played Fibbage and Trivia Murder Party. We played from suburban MA with my daughter in Boston and my other daughter in Tucson. It was a blast, highly recommended as an alternative to whatever else you're doing to stay sane.

Check out for more information.

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