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Ghoulish Book Festival

Finally getting a chance to catch my breath after last month's trip to San Antonio. Sheila and I flew our two nieces out from California to spend their school vacation week with their cool aunt and uncle. We had a blast exploring San Antonio. The focal point of tourism there is the Riverwalk. Picture Faneuil Hall in Boston if it were built along both sides of a river. We also toured the Natural Bridge Caverns, some of the best caves I'd had the chance to check out. Another night, we did a haunted walking tour of the city which was very cool. A lot of history there. Next year, we plan on staying at one of the many haunted hotels.

The real reason for the visit was the Ghoulish Book Festival. Both nieces are avid readers, and one is into writing and art, so I wanted them to experience a convention. Max Booth III and his partner, Lori, started the festival last year and it was a huge success. Well, year two was bigger and better. The panels were outstanding, the author readings were all impressive, and the overall atmosphere is friendly and welcoming to all. The weekend went by too quickly but I had a great time hanging out with some of today's best horror writers as well as meeting so many readers.

Wait...did I say Max and his partner, Lori? Correction: Max and Lori are now husband and wife! They tied the knot at a wonderful ceremony on the Saturday night of the con, just before Max hosted the Ghoulish Campfire Tales contest!

Ghoulish Book Festival has quickly become one of my favorite conventions of the year. My nieces enjoyed meeting new writers, getting books signed, and talking to the artists. Meanwhile, I sold more books than any other convention. Already looking forward to next year!

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