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Streaming Series Review: The Patient

I'm late to the party for this series, but it definitely lived up to the hype. It's rare that a television series can maintain a high level of tension, but outstanding performances by Steve Carell and Domhnall Gleeson accomplish just that.

Carell plays Alan Strauss, a therapist grieving the loss of his wife and the estrangement from his son. Gleeson gives a chilling performance as Sam Fortner, a serial killer who comes to Dr. Strauss looking to change his ways. He kidnaps Strauss and chains him in his basement, forcing him to hold therapy sessions there.

The real-time struggle as Sam tries to change juxtaposed to Dr. Strauss trying to reconcile his own family problems is done brilliantly. Great supporting role by Linda Emond, playing Sam's mother.

This one is nine episodes and streaming on Hulu. Highly recommended.

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